Since 2007, Advanced Engineering and Construction has been performing Engineering Design, Value Engineering, Arc Flash Studies and Construction services.  We are an Ohio based company serving the Commercial and Industrial Markets in the United States, and Abroad.  These markets include projects in various religious denominations, banking, manufacturing and the utility industries. 

We have implemented intelligent cost savings for our client base in all phases of the project, which include design, build, energy consumption, and maintenance expenses. Our Engineers, Architects, and Field Crews work hand in hand before, during, and after construction.  Because of the constant feedback from the field, we are able to design the most cost effective and robust building (system) available.  We accomplish this by self performing all aspects of the project.

Our company offers a full service skilled trades solution for our customer, allowing for a single point of contact which assures a smooth and timely completion.  Advanced Engineering & Construction will provide a superior design by using the most cost effective installation, and materials available.

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Phone: 330-469-5451

FAX:    330-306-5193